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Strain: Kuhaylah Al Mimrah.

Today Kuhaylah Al Mimrah in South Africa count roughly between fifty and sixty individuals.  Although this small and unique strain of Asil Arabians are very fiercely protected by their dedicated owners and are very hard to come by, they are by far not just preservation horses, but superior in quality, a force to be reckoned with, in the show ring as well as on endurance tracks.

However their true everlasting value lies in their extremely unique Asil Strain, it is therefore of the utmost importance that this precious group is preserved within Asil status.

The Kuhaylah Al Mimrah is a famous strain which belonged to Ibn Muwayni of the S’baa tribe, who got them from Al-Mimrah of S’baa, who got them from Al-Muryum of Dhafeer, who got them from ‘ljl Ibn Hulaytim of the ancient Al Mughirah tribe, some 300 years ago. This is one of the S’baa oldest strains. It takes its name from Al-Mimrah of the S’baa and they still consider this to be one of their main strains. The Kuhaylah Al Mimrah strain in Syria is directly related back to the Ibn Muwayni horses.

Although there have been talks that other Asil Kuhaylah al Mimrah do exist in private studs, especially in Syria, I could find no proof of a single individual. So until such time that such individuals are found, this small and extremely unique group in South Africa remains the only known living Asil Kuhaylah Al Mimrah in the world!!

Although Arabian horses with the Asil Kuhaylah Al Mimrah Strain in South Africa are small in numbers, they can make a difference and we owe it to future generations to ensure their existence. Al Khamsa breeders worldwide are showing a lot of interest in these precious gems since Tuwaisan earned Al Khamsa status in 1987.

- Drinkers of the Wind Article, issue 2, 2008, on the Asil strains, regarding our stud stallion; Skarabee Picasso



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